Southern Virginia Botanical Gardens

Street: 3170 Dan River Church Road
City: South Boston
State: VA
Postcode: 24592

Southern Virginia Botanical Gardens is a non-profit whose mission is to develop garden projects in a way which will allow local citizens to collaborate with the organization in their garden's creation.ᅡᅠ SVBG is working with Halifax County and the Town of South Boston to establish what will be the core of the Southern VirginiaᅡᅠBotanical Gardens.

Substantial acreage within the Paul C. Edmunds Memorial Park has been devoted to develop SVBG's flagshipᅡᅠ garden. The group has also partnered with the Town of South Boston to develop an abandoned industrial site near the Dan River into a series of gardens suitable for a riparian environment.ᅡᅠThisᅡᅠ project will be located at a ten acre site in South Boston, Virginia.

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