The mission of the Halifax County African-American Cultural & Heritage Trail is to identify, preserve, share, and celebrate African American heritage in Halifax County, through the creation of a heritage trail and related interpretive materials.

Our goal is to create the county’s most comprehensive African-American Heritage Trail from the colonial period through the civil rights era. For local residents and visitors alike, the trail will provide a broader understanding of the lives of African American pioneers, entrepreneurs, civic leaders, and business owners who struggled, triumphed, and established themselves in the fabric of our community. It will focus on commercial, educational, recreational, and religious sites and provide a portrait of land ownership, political and civil rights activities, and burial sites. More than just a map of various sites, the trail will be content-rich and provide access to primary documents that will provide a broad range of information to users.

The project will bring together the efforts of a diverse group of local scholars, historians, educators, and community leaders to identify, preserve, and share the area’s rich African American heritage. In the making is a heritage trail guide that recognizes distinguished African Americans, illuminating local people, places, and events that reflect the county’s diverse history. The trail will tell the stories of these people, places where they lived and died and, events that reveal their courage and determination.

Ultimately, the goal is to create a physical trail that interprets and visualizes the heritage themes that tell the story of African Americans in Halifax County.

It is envisioned that this trail will begin with the five sites already identified by Civil Rights in Education Heritage Trail. Additional sites will require gathering of documentation before being included on the trail. There is nothing to prevent further sites from being added to the trail as more information becomes available.