In the Kitchen with Southern Plenty's Mary Bagwell

In the Kitchen with Southern Plenty's Mary Bagwell

Southern Plenty, located in Downtown South Boston, is an eclectic cafe serving fresh and delicious pastries, sandwiches, dinner plates, quiches, soups, salads, and more! The cafe has lots of personalty and is warm and inviting as you enjoy the fine foodstuffs or pick up a few groceries, gourmet and deli items, wine, craft beer, craft pottery, art or handmade jewelry or cards. Looking for a great spot to meet for coffee, Southern Plenty has that too! 

Southern Plenty is owned by artist-turned-chef Mary Bagwell, who also serves as pastry chef, inventor of delicious dishes and menus. Mary dishes on Restaurant Week and a few of her favorite things.

What do you most love about being a chef? The creativity and mass production of good things to eat. 

Was there a moment when you knew you wanted to be a chef instead of something else? It just sort of evolved when being an artist first...the creative aspect of food was revealed...a learning process. 

How is dinner made at your home? Who shops for the ingredients? Who cooks? Do you plan the meals ahead of time? I cook at home. I buy the ingredients. Sometimes I plan ahead and other times I make it up as I go.

What kind of ambiance can diners expect at Southern Plenty? A warm environment that stimulates all the senses. 

When you decide what you’re going to serve on the menu, what are one or two factors you always take into consideration? How it will taste and can I get it out to the customer in a timely fashion. 

What should diners know about Restaurant Week at Southern Plenty or in general? If they know us for lunch...the breakfast is even better! 

Sweets or savories? I like to eat savory, but cook sweets. I love to bake. (We can atest to this, the desserts are dangerous!)

Favorite dish to cook? Vegetarian stews

Favorite midnight snack? Cold chicken teriyaki skwers 

Favorite kitchen appliance? Kitchenaid Mixer 

Knife? Sharp serrated 

First food memory? My mom's cheese soufflé

Cooking clothes? Leggings and tunic...soft, loose, and comfortable 

Kitchen aroma? Soup cookin or right now I'm enjoying honey scented candles with wine before starting dinner at home.


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