THE GUIDE to Restaurant Week

THE GUIDE to Restaurant Week

We are only two days away from the kickoff of the inaugural Halifax County Restaurant Week. I can hardly wait! So how does one navigate Restaurant Week? We've put together a cheat sheet, including several ways to hit all eight restaurants (there's a contest for that!). So, sit back and enjoy the notes and tidbits of this handy dandy guide to Halifax County Restaurant Week. 

The Dates & Times

Sunday, September 11 through Sunday, September 18. Participating restaurants will not have special hours for Restaurant Week. They will be operating on their normal hours which you can find here

Who's Serving What

For the early birds wanting a delectable morning treat for not a lot of money, Southern Plenty Cafe and The Packhouse will be serving a special $10 Restaurant Week menu. For the lunch set, Darby's Tavern and The Packhouse have crafted $10 menus for the celebration. You'll find dinner at Bistro 1888Darby's Tavern, Italian DelightMolasses GrillOak Tree Tavern (and a second dinner menu), and Spare Times Grill

The Tables Are Set

Let’s take a closer look at the menus and how things will work when you order from the individual Restaurant Week menus. Yes, each restaurant will have its own special menu.

RISE & SHINE:We know that we said that beverages are not included in the $10 and $20 set prices, but we've made an exception for breakfast. Southern Plenty Cafe and The Packhouse will offer a beverage in the set price of $10. Southern Plenty will give you the option of a coffee, orange juice, or hot chocolate with your choice of one of the delicious breakfast offerings. You'll have your choice of beverage at The Packhouse. 

WHAT'S FOR LUNCH?Lunch at the Packhouse and at Darby's Tavern will look a little different, but still only cost you $10*. The Packhouse Cafe will offer the lunch diner a CHOICE of appetizer OR dessert + a choice of one of the three entrees + a beverage for $10 (*you're on your own for tax and tip). Darby's Tavern is doing something a little different for the lunch menu by giving the Restaurant Week diner an appetizer AND dessert for $10 add that to any of their lunch entrees off the regular menu for a Restaurant Week treat. 

DINNER IS SERVED:That's right, dinner will be served at six different establishments for Restaurant Week. Bistro 1888, Darby’s Tavern, Italian Delight, Molasses Grill, Oak Tree Tavern, and Spare Times Grill have all cooked up palate-pleasing menus for the culinary festivities. Bistro 1888, Darby's Tavern, and Molasses Grill will offer a three-course $20 fixed-price menu. Diners will be able to select from at least three different appetizers, entrees, and desserts. As you know, beverages, taxes, and tips are not included in the price. Oak Tree Tavern is offering two dinner menus, a $20 and a $30 menu if you're feeling extra fancy. Both are sure to please the most discerning palate and include appetizer, entrée, and dessert. Italian Delight will offer a special "Dinner for Two" during Restaurant Week. Foodies will be able to choose two pasta dinners for the special price of $20 and includes the salad bar, garlic bread, and a beverage. Spare Times Grill will offer any appetizer off the regular menu, the Burger of the Day, and a dessert for the special $20 price.

IT'S NOT A SPRINT, IT'S A MARATHON:That's right folks, it is eight days of dining around Halifax County experiencing some of Southern Virginia's finest cuisine. It will be too warm to cook all week, so make plans to dine out. We'll show you how to experience all eight establishments. 

Here's one way of getting to all eight dining establishments during Restaurant Week:

Sunday:Kick things off with dinner at Molasses Grill on Sunday

Monday:It's Monday, what better way to start the week than by having a delicious breakfast. Head to Halifax to The Packhouse in the morning. You just defeated Monday and what better way to celebrate than to let someone cook for you! Take a trip down 58 W to the historic Oak Tree Tavern for a delicious dinner.

Tuesday:Need to get away for lunch? Head to Darby's Tavern for lunch at the stunning Berry Hill Resort.

Wednesday:It's the middle of the week and you've made it through Monday and Tuesday so treat yourself to breakfast at Southern Plenty and lunch at The Packhouse.

Thursday:It's the weekend eve and celebrate by having dinner with the entire family at Italian Delight.

Friday: Hello, Weekend! Toast to the weekend over dinner at Spare Times Grill.

Saturday: Head to Downtown South Boston for a date night/girl's night out/neighborhood field trip to Bistro 1888.

Sunday: Spend Sunday dining at Darby's Tavern for a delicious dinner and celebration of a week of good eating. 

Here's a Plan B to get you through Restaurant Week

Sunday: Get off to a fast start by starting with dinner at Oak Tree Tavern located at one of the world's greatest tracks, Virginia International Speedway

Monday: Start Monday with breakfast at The Packhouse

Tuesday: It's Tavern Tuesday (we made that up, but it works). Dinner at Darby's Tavern at the historic Berry Hill Mansion

Wednesday: For a little mid-week adventure in fine dining, head to Bistro 1888.

Thursday: Enjoy a taste of Italy as you enjoy dinner at Italian Delight.

Friday: Be a Weekender and celebrate with dinner at Molasses Grill.

Saturday: Wake up in time for breakfast at Southern Plenty.

Sunday:  It's been a long week with delicious food and lots of fun with friends and family. Keep the streak alive with dinner at Spare Times Grill. 


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