The stars shine brighter in Halifax County, VA

Abbott Farm Supply

Abbott Farm Suppliers

Since 1980,
Abbott Farm Suppliers - Farm, Garden & Gun, has been in the business of
helping farmers, gardeners, hunters, and business owners get the highest
quality products they need along with helpful guidance and money-saving advice.
The products we sell are the products we use on our own farm and in our daily

We wear Carhartt
clothing, and Red Wing, Wolverine and Justin boots.  We do our own fencing, plow our own fields,
and feed the cows, horses and dogs at night when we get home.  And, when we get a day off, we hunt, trap,
target shoot, and love a round of sporting clays.  Browning, Winchester, Remington, Benelli,
Kimber and Taurus; we use these brands in our sporting life. It's hard work,
but we wouldn't trade our lifestyles with anyone. "Abbott's" is the
hub of Halifax County as far as farm, field, livestock, crop, hunting, wildlife
and just about any other information someone might need.

If you are new to gardening or just bought your first horse, we can help you sort out what you need to know.

Contact Information

445 S Main St, Halifax, VA 24558