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Lotions, Potions, & More

Lotions, Potions and More

Handcrafted and unique personal items and gifts.

Based in Vernon Hill, Virginia, we strive to provide products and gifts designed to capture the power of nature. The natural world has much to offer from natural healing and beauty to a deeper connection to the Devine. It is all there for each of us to discover in our own way and our own time. At Lotions, Potions, & More, we are here to provide essential items to help you along your journey. We also offer custom printing of t-shirts, caps, cup cozies, mouse pads, and more allowing you to express yourself in a way that is unique to you.


Our products include facial products crafted from natural ingredients, handcrafted jewelry made with natural stone beads, an extensive line of pure essential oils, incense, incense burners, candles, loose leaf teas, items for your DIY essential oil projects, handmade wood items, handmade macrame and so much more!

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11 S Main St, Halifax, VA 24558