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Walk the Barn Quilt Trail in Historic Halifax

The Town of Halifax has many pieces of Barn Quilt art located throughout the town, and Halifax with its historic homes and buildings is a perfect place to walk. Starting at the Town of Halifax Farmers Market, where you can park your vehicle, walkers can traverse an easy 1.8-mile out and back loop walk. The walking journey begins and ends at the Market, where walkers will view their first Barn Quilt piece. After leaving the Market walkers travel up Main Street where they can view several other Barn Quilt art pieces before turning at the traffic light to continue their journey up Mountain Road where they will have the opportunity to view a unique piece titled “Woodbee.”

The details of the Town of Halifax Barn Quilt walking trail are as follows:

Town of Halifax Farmers Market, 209 South Main Street, Barn Quilt art piece titled “Compass of the Halifax Farmers Market.” This piece depicts the accomplishment of repurposing a former grocery store into a community hub where Farmers and local vendors can market their wares.

Halifax Library, 177 South Main Street, Barn Quilt art piece titled “Monkey Wrench.” Monkey Wrench is a primitive design that depicts the signal to gather all tools required for the fleeing slave’s journey. Tools, in this case, meant physical, mental, and spiritual attributes.

The Packhouse, 119 Main Street, Barn Quilt art piece titled “Tobacco Road.” Inspired by the culture and way of life of this agrarian community, the Tobacco Road barn quilt is located at The Packhouse restaurant in the heart of the Town of Halifax.

Halifax Police Department, 70 South Main Street Barn Quilt art piece titled, “Thin Blue Line” hangs on the front entrance to the town’s police department. The barn quilt represents law enforcement’s separation of order from chaos.

Halifax Town Hall, 70 South Main Street, Barn Quilt art piece titled “Summer Star.” Located on the Town of Halifax’s government office, the Summer Star piece is Red, White, and Blue; the colors of democracy.

Halifax Cancer Association, 29 South Main Street, Barn Quilt art piece titled “Puzzle Block.” Cancer: The disease is a puzzle that throws the lives of its victims into a puzzle. This block is on the Halifax County Cancer Association office that helps cancer patients unravel the puzzle. This block was designed in purple and lavender as they are the colors that represent all cancers.

Red Bird, 75 North Main Street, The piece, titled “Red Bird” pays homage to the Virginia’s state bird, the Cardinal. The piece was done by late business owner Bill Granger, who owned and operated Triangle Florist.

Edward Jones, 57 Mountain Road Barn Quilt piece titled, “Edward Jones Compass.” The Compass has long been a symbol of finding one’s way in life and given Edward Jones’ mission of investing for the future, clients indeed find one’s way in their financial life.

Historic Chastain Home for Gentlewomen, 370 Mountain Road, Halifax – Travelers to this location are going to enjoy viewing the barn quilt piece, and this majestic property with and an interesting history.

The Historic Home Woodbee, 765 Mountain Road, Barn Quilt art piece titled “Woodbee.” This unique Barn Quilt piece captures the nature of the property and pays tribute to not only the name of this Historic Home, but one of homes current owners.

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